Nintendo Switch console – Neon – New version, Better battery life – with a neon blue Joy-Con and a neon red Joy-Con

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  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Living room console
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Storage capacity: 32 GB
  • Main color: Black


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Product presentation: Nintendo Switch console – Neon – New version, Better autonomy – with a neon blue Joy-Con and a neon red Joy-Con

Sell ​​your old console When I want, where I want and with whom I want! The living room console to take everywhere.

General product information
Product Name Nintendo Switch Console – Neon – New version,
Reference 10002207
General informations
Sub-state Nine
Product category Living room console
Manufacturer reference Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Neon
Platform Nintendo Switch
Editing Standard
Product Description Play when you want, where you want and with whoever you want with the Nintendo Switch console, available on March 3, 2017. The mobility of a portable console adds to the power of a home console, paving the way for new gameplay possibilities.
More product A living room console to take everywhere.
The console is plugged into your TV, you take it out of its docking station, and it instantly transforms into a portable console using its included 6.2-inch screen. The Nintendo Switch console screen is a multi-point touchscreen that opens up new gameplay possibilities for compatible games. The battery capacity varies depending on the game and the conditions of use: from 3 hours for a game like The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild to 6 hours for others. When on the move, to charge your console, simply plug the power adapter into the USB Type-C port.
Joy-Con controllers multiply the gameplay possibilities:
The two Joy-Con can be used stand-alone, one in each hand, or together to form a single controller by nesting them on either side of the Joy-Con holder. They can be attached to the main console for on-the-go use, or shared with a friend to enjoy two-player games in compatible games.
Each Joy-Con has all the buttons allowing it to serve as a full-fledged controller. Each of them incorporates an accelerometer and a gyroscope, which allows the motion sensor functionality of the two Joy-Con to be used independently.
The left Joy-Con has a screenshot button that allows gamers to instantly take screenshots during gameplay to share with friends on social media.
The right Joy-Con incorporates an NFC zone for interacting with amiibo, as well as a motion-sensing infrared camera that can detect the distance, shape, and movement of nearby objects in games designed to use this feature. . For example, it can detect how far away a player’s hand is, or what shape it takes. A console geared towards local and online multi-player: Up to eight consoles can be connected to each other via the local wireless game mode. It is therefore possible, from April 28 to play 8 in local wireless mode Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
Both Joy-Con’s include advanced HD vibration that makes it possible to reproduce more realistic vibrations than ever with compatible games. The effect is so detailed that the player can, for example, feel the distinct vibrations of ice cubes clashing in a glass when shaking the Joy-Con. With HD vibration, you will experience a level of realism that pictures and sound alone are not enough to reproduceYou can stand the console upright anywhere using the built-in stand, and detaching the Joy-Con to share the multi-player experience without the need for a TV. The new online subscription service will be free to try when it starts up. This service includes a mobile application, available in summer 2017, which will make it possible to invite friends to play online, to meet to play together and to chat together in compatible games. The full paid service will be available in the fall of 2017. Games for all players and all tastes:
The console allows multi-player play over Wi-Fi.The unique features of the console and Joy-Con, combined with Nintendo’s hardware know-how resulted in the creation of this Nintendo console allowing a multitude of different gaming experiences. This variety can be found in the catalog of games announced for its launch this summer and until the end of the year. From the massive open-world adventure of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to the multi-player fun of 1-2-Switch, Nintendo Switch offers gaming experiences that everyone can enjoy.
Activision, EA, Take 2, Ubisoft and other renowned Japanese publishers have announced their support for Nintendo. Some publishers like Bethesda are teaming up with Nintendo for the first time. Major franchises will be in the spotlight on Nintendo Switch such as FIFA, The Elder Scrolls or NBA 2K.
Nintendo Switch games will not be zoned.
Pack no
Main color Black
Colors) Red and blue
Market release date August 20, 2019
Vintage No
Model Neon
Connection platform Nintendo Online
Multi-player online access Nintendo Online membership required
Storage capacity 32 GB
Minimum RAM 32 MB
Connectivity type Bluetooth
Connectivity Nintendo Switch console pack with neon blue and neon red Joy ‐ Con:
Wireless Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Video Inputs / Outputs HDMI
Power indicator Yes
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Guarantee (²) 2 years
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